Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Journal-Prayer for a Sick Friend

Journal-Scripture Unit

Prayer for a Sick Friend

Name: _______________________                    Date: ________________________

Read the following statement below. Reflect about a personal challenge you face or someone else is contending with.  The issue can be related to being HUMAN. For example, a physical, social, emotional or other challenge affecting the person.  What can you do to help yourself or the other person? Discuss.

Bible Verses Showing Strength Comes From Faith Not From Fear

Are you struggling through a situation today and are grasping for answers? How should you respond? Respond with faith and not fear, knowing the promises of God and His mighty hand will hold you through any situation!

 Read the following letter and as a human being demonstrate how you would be empathetic in this situation. What would do or say. Discuss.

Hint: Use classroom notes about being human! Or locate James 5: 15-16 to discuss the meaning of the quote below.

Is your heart heavy over a sick friend or family member? Do you wish you could do something to help? You can lift your friend or family member to the Lord in prayer. Here is a Bible verse and a prayer to help you ask God for healing.
"And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." James 5:15-16

To be completed in your JOURNAL.            /15 Marks (Communication/Miracles and Healing)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Who Is Stephen Lewis?

Research and Inquiry:  While surfing the internet research about Stephen Lewis.  Find out who he is, what he does and how or what he has contributed to the world. 

Research Tips:

youtube search for video about Stephen Lewis


www.google and search Stephen Lewis Foundation.com

Practice Unit Evaluation

HRE201- Unit Evaluation (Practice Version)

Name: ______________________          Date: ____________________

Specific Expectations:
-identify the four gospels as the heart of the Christian Scriptures and the primary source of knowledge about Jesus;
- demonstrate an understanding of the importance of social justice by applying the teachings of Jesus to their own culture.
-employ Christian moral principles to issues concerning the media;
– apply the Church’s social justice teachings to both local and global concerns;
- evaluate their lifestyles in terms of its ecological impact.

Instructions and Tools:
Answer the following questions. Use your classroom notes and bible.

Part A: Knowledge/Understanding of the Old Testament
What did the Book of Genesis reveal? Discuss.
 /5 Marks

Part B:  Knowledge/Understanding of the New Testament
Use the bible and locate the following Scriptures in the New Testament.  Identify three chapters and verses and provide the message of each scripture.

Matthew-                                      Message/Themes:
Chapter ___ Verses _____          _________________________________

Chapter ___ Verses _____          _________________________________

Chapter  ___ Verses ____           _________________________________

Chapter ___ Verses _____          _________________________________

Chapter ___ Verses _____          _________________________________

Chapter ___ Verses _____          _________________________________

Luke-                                           _________________________________
Chapter ___ Verses ____
Chapter ___ Verses ____

Chapter ___ Verses ____            _________________________________

 Discuss each of the following themes:            /5 Marks each

Catholicism and Community
Christian Virtues and Values

Charity and Justice

Signs and Symbols of Culture


What Makes A Human Being Human?
What are some social issues Human Beings contribute to or face?

Part D: Media Analysis

As a whole class we viewed films such as ‘2012’, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘KONY 2012’.  Select one of these media reflections and discuss the issues and or impacts one of these media works has on culture and community.  Discuss.                                                                           

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Social Media-Inquiry and Social Justice

In class we viewed and discussed how social media can be used to mobilize a community in order to solve issues influencing humans at local and global scales.  Be prepared to inquire and answer questions about the video's message and content for Friday March 9th class.

Classroom Notes.

Mr. G Bilotta

Assignment Reminder!!

To Be Human Poster is PAST DUE. SUBMIT ASAP.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

To Be Human Note-Discussion

How do we know that each one is a human being?
What are the characteristics of each individual that allows us to identify him/her as a human being?
What makes a human being human?
Human Beings are …
-Persons created in the image and likeness of God
-Called to happiness and holiness
-Rational and free
-Moral beings
-Capable of compassion or feelings
-Blessed with confidence
God created human beings with a desire for
happiness. Hand in hand with this desire is
God’s call to be holy. When we live in a relation
of love and gratitude with God and our
neighbours that is when we lead holy lives and when we will discover true happiness.
People that create institutions
Examples of Institutions:
- School (Education)
- Government (Politics)
- The Economy
- Family
- Church
- Entertainment
- The Media … examples ………
-Able to sin
The Internet
Social Issues
-Racism & Discrimination
-Gender Inequality
-Doing the right things
-Living by a code of ethics
Choose a value that is important to you and …
 Write a small 1-2 paragraph reflection in your Journal notebook on why this value is so important to you, and the role it plays in your life
 Sketch a picture in your Journal notebook that illustrates the value
 Lead a 5 minute discussion at the front of the room on your value of choice
Those things that really matter to us
The ideas and beliefs we hold special
-A moral code is a system of morality that centers around philosophy, religion and culture.
Morality (Why?)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Poster Assignment-DUE MARCH 08

Theme is TO BE HUMAN.

Find atleast three images of interest to you that represent the idea of being HUMAN.  In class I showed you my example of Jesus on the cross and another two images of a poor man and a rich man.

Your poster should be completed on a 81/2 by 11 piece of paper. Drawn or images taken from a digital  (Google.com/images) source are fine.

Don't forget to include proper titles and include scriptures related to your images about being HUMAN.
A brief commentary that explains your poster should be included on the back.

Be Creative and Have Fun!

Translating Scripture of Luke-The Parable of the Rich Fool

As a class we translated the Scripture of Luke 16:15; 12:13-21; 12:1 and 11:53-54. We identified what Jesus said about money in the Kingdom of God.

Each student interpreted the scripture and handed in response at the end of class.



The Labourers In The Vineyard Matthew 20:1 to16 Parables of Jesus

View the link below


Monday, 5 March 2012

Jesus and Parables

Matthew 25:14 to 30 The Money in Trust or The Talents Parables of Jesus

Class Discussion:  As a whole class we viewed the parable about The Money in Trust and we observed that the following themes were important: responsibility, trust, remaining idle and not working to improve oneself.  We made the connection to today's world how important money is and how as individuals we are part of the economy.  To remain idle in the modern economy does no benefit.  Examples of work and the gift of work were discussed.  Some people in our society are sick or unemployed and these are examples of pressures put on us as a community to help those in need and not punish them for being idle.  The virtues of perseverance, faith, community, talents and hardships were observed.

Scripture Lab 2-The Book of Mark

1: 1-11; 1: 12-13; 1: 35-39;...To be complted on Scripture Lab Handout.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Media Friday Journal- The Day After Tomorrow Mar 2

How does the film portray scenes about community, faith and being human in times of disaster? Discuss.

Do you think God would allow—or even cause—a disaster of this magnitude? Why or why not? If disasters like this happen, are they just accidents? Or do they sometimes mean something more? (See Isaiah 45:7, Luke 13:1-5, and the biblical accounts of the Flood, etc.)

THEME 17: The Voice of Justice
Christ in Culture Relating to Civil Society
MARK:                /40

From the Christ in Culture Book, read pages 144 – 151.
1.                   Define these terms two marks each:
Distributive Justice:
Judicial Justice:
Common Good:
Golden Rule:
Social Encyclicals:

2.                   Answer the following questions making inferences/connections:
a)      What was God's challenge to the people of Israel in Micah 6:1-8? (3)
b)      When is justice done? Give examples from the reading.(3)
c)       What were some of the highlights in the Universal Declaration of Human rights that was proclaimed by the United Nations on December 10, 1948?(4)
d)      Describe the three economic systems: Capitalism, Communism and Democratic Socialism.(6)

e)     How different is the views of society to the Church’s views? List some examples.(5)

f)          How was the letter on the dignity of human work by Pope Leo XIII, in 1891 received by big business? What was the outcome? (5)
Jesus of History Christ of Faith - Chapter 2: The Gospels

In essay form, write ~500 word answers to two (2) of the following questions:

Choose either question 1 or question 2.

1.         Explain why you agree or disagree with the following statement: History is the simple recording of observable facts and events. Could the Gospels be considered historical sources?  Why or why not?

2.         Propose an argument agreeing or disagree with this statement: The people who actually experienced Jesus during his earthly life in Palestine had a much easier time understanding and accepting him than people do today.

Choose either question 3 or question 4.

3.         Explain what it means to say that Christians believe that the Jesus of History is the Christ of Faith.

4.         Recall a personal experience that meant a lot to you.  List the facts about the event -- who was there, what happened, when, where, and how -- as accurately as you can.  Then write your interpretation of the event and discussed the meaning it held for you.  Discuss the relationship between the facts and your interpretation.  If you were to tell someone about this experience, which would you want them to remember most clearly -- the facts or your interpretation?  Why?  Is one closer to the truth that another?

Date Assigned:______________________                             Date Due: ______________________

Mark: _____

Level 1
52% 55% 58%

Level 2
62% 65% 68%

Level 3
72% 75% 78%

Level 4
84%  90% 95%

Style/ Communication

-No clearly stated thesis and conclusion
-missing some new paragraphs for each point

-Missing or unclearly stated thesis or conclusion
-New paragraph for each point

-Clearly stated thesis and conclusion
-New paragraph for each point

-Outstanding thesis and conclusion
-New paragraph for each point

Application/ Connection

-< 3 points explained/ supported

-Minimum 3 points missing or poor explanation /support

-Minimum 3 points explained/ supported

-Minimum 3 points well explained/ supported

Personal Insight/Thinking Inquiry

-Missing personal insight

-Some personal insight

-Good personal insight

-Excellent personal insight

Overall Effect

-Missing two or more of Level 3 key points

-Missing one of Level 3 key points + spelling

-Title page
-2x spacing
-<2 spelling errors

Error free